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Signature Apartaments


A journey through history in the City of Archbishops

Braga, one of Portugal’s ancient cities with more than 2000 years of history, combines tradition and modernity perfectly, offering a journey through the history and architecture of various periods. In this city in the north of Portugal, the heart of the Miño region, you can admire vestiges of the Roman era (when it was called Bracara Augusta in homage to the Emperor Augustus), but also visit the country’s first Sé Cathedral, built in the 11th century. The city is also home to the unmissable municipal stadium of Braga, by architect Eduardo Soto Moura, awarded with the Pritzker Prize in 2011.

The ultimate destination for religious tourism – climbing the Bom Jesus do Monte is a must, on foot for the brave or in the picturesque funicular of 1882, the first on the Iberian Peninsula – Braga is famous for its many churches and sanctuaries, sacred art, baroque inspiration and its historic center. It is a city that preserves a jovial and vibrant spirit, animated throughout the year thanks to its university atmosphere and technological effervescence as home to the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. But its cultural richness is not to be forgotten, with an endless number of annual events and its local cuisine, that includes the famous frigideiras, Braga-style cod, Sarrabulho potatoes, roasted goat meat, Abade de Priscos pudding or the irresistible Fidalguinhos, a delight that generates unmistakable pleasure.

Signature Apartaments


Por ruelas e calçadas, da Ribeira até à Foz

Porto’s alternative and independent spirit is felt in the streets and in the character of its inhabitants. For a city so rich in history and culture, we wanted to create something that would celebrate the unique essence of Porto.

Here you can discover a new way of discovering a city with an authentic and local experience.

Just a few minutes walking from the city’s main tourist attractions, take the opportunity to stroll through the Ribeira area, visit Vila Nova de Gaia, the nucleus of the Porto wine sector, and discover the historic wine cellars. The Casa da Música, by Rem Koolhaas, or the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, are also a must.

Once in the heart of Porto, be sure to stroll along Avenida dos Aliados and visit the Cathedral, the Torre dos Clérigos and the Palacio de la Bolsa.